What is the Best E Cigarette in the UK?! Lets Take A Look…

Choosing the right electronic cigarette is difficult!

I know I have been there, the only difference was that when I started vaping there were only a handful of brands producing electronic cigarettes in the UK now there are literally hundreds.

The thing is, a few years ago it was fairly simple choosing the right e cig, fast forward to today and we are faced with an endless barrage of e cig brands and companies getting in on what I (and they) can only see as the future for all smokers.

This obviously means there are a lot of chancers getting in on the game and hoping to make a quick few quid! Not great for you guys as you may not be aware of the brands that are in it for the long run developing their own quality product versus those that are just buying the ‘same old’ generic product from China.

This is why the ‘best e cigarette blog’ was set up, to help you out by cutting through the bull and presenting only the best e cigarettes on the market and we have tried over 50 of them!

So without further a do lets break down our top pick e cig brands.

Green Smoke Review1 ) Green Smoke

This was actually one of the first brands I tried back in the day but it has to this day remained one of the best tasting mini e cigs I have tried.

The whole product has a quality feel to it and both the cartomisers and battery last a good amount of time for a mini e cig.

Worth the slightly more expensive price tag although if using the available Green Smoke discount codes it can work out a fair bit cheaper. For flavour in my opinion Green Smoke is hard to beat.

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Green Smoke Video Review

Jacvapour Revew2) Jacvapour V1P

A real independent brand that isn’t a generic run of the mill cig-a-like.

They have a number of mini e cig options but my favourite is their portable charging case bundle named the V1P kit.

They have the added benefit of easily refilling your own cartomisers with bottled e-liquid further helping towards lowering e cig costs. Andy, one of the owners, is very much a customer service oriented guy that treats his customers how I wish all companies should! Spot on.

Discount Codes:
15% Off use ECIGCLICK15

View Full Jacvapour V1P Review | Buy Jacvapour V1P

Jacvapour V1P Video Review

Vapestick Review3) Vapestick XL

Vapestick are another UK brand that have been in ‘the game’ since the early days and to be honest I didn’t like their first e cig product when I reviewed it a couple of years ago.

Luckily they went back to the drawing board and brought their e cigarette up-to date, definitely a much improved product!

They also went down the PCC route designing an ultra thin case that was easy to carry around. Only thing I am no that keen on is the big in your face branding on all their products.

Discount Codes:
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Jacvapour Series E Recommended4) Jacvapour Series E

Now the Series E from Jac Vapour is a step up from the mini e cigarettes already listed here and perfect for those that aren’t too bothered about having a cig-a-like as their first e cigarette.

The size may be prohibitive to some but I can tell you now the performance is fantastic! Get this if you do not need a small e cigarette!

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ROK Legend E Cig Review5) ROK Legend

Another ‘mid sized’ e cig, this time from ROK Universal. They have produced some quality product but this is my favourite out of the bunch.

It is one great looking e cig in the stainless steel and thankfully it has the performance to match.

Definitely not all fur coat an no knickers I can tell you!

V2 Cigs Review UK6) V2 Cigs

Back onto the mini e cigarettes and coming in at sixth place is V2 Cigs.

A huge player in the US e cig market they are now here in the UK and looking for a piece of the action.

Thankfully the product matches up-to the hype with a wide range of options including manual and automatic batteries and empty cartomisers you can refill yourself.

Jacvapour Mini Vgo2 Review7) Mini VGO2 From Jacvapour

This is, again, a step up from the mini e cigarettes in terms of their size. The Mini Vgo2 is still a nice compact e cig but it still packs a punch.

Again this is one for those that aren’t determined to buy a cig-a-like and want more options with their vaping.

Discount Codes:
15% Off use ECIGCLICK15

View Full Jacvapour V1P Review | Buy Jacvapour V1P

Vgo2 Mini Video Review

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